Water leaking everywhere

Discussion in 'Interior' started by Edward, Nov 18, 2021.

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    Oct 23, 2020
    2018 Raptor. I did not notice any water issues until my sunroof stuck and popped on a hot day. Then after a heavy rain all weekend i had water in both front floor boards and all across the back. There was so much water in the passenger gutter that you could hear it slush forward and backward when starting and stopping. Dealer "fixed" it once for $1,000 by replacing the broken track for sunroof. Did not help. Still soaking wet. Now dealer says that seal around sunroof is leaking, rear sliding window is leaking, and the plastic vents in the back of the cab between cab and bed are both leaking. Carpet under the back is soaked. Want $3800 to replace it all including the entire back window.

    Anyone else had this much trouble?

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