Rattle at speed (45mph and up)

Discussion in 'Raptor Maintenance' started by Jason Krakauer, Jul 29, 2020.

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    Feb 7, 2020
    Anyone dealt w/ what sounds like a rotational rattle (?) at speeds above 45 mph? I'm hearing it independent of engine speed (which, thankfully, makes me think it's not motor-related. It sounds rotational and ... but not there at all at speeds below 45.

    I have already changed out the IWE valve - saw that this was a common noise-maker. Thinking it could be a hub, possible vacuum leak w/ the lock mechanism, or something in that space. Also worried it could be a transfer case issue or front diff that's going/gone bad.

    Wondering if anyone's dealt w/ similar noise(s) and if you've found a magic bullet. '17 SCREW - 68K miles.


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