Rats and wiring harness, how to avoid critter meltdown

Discussion in 'Raptor Maintenance' started by Chris Mac, Jan 8, 2020.

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    Oct 15, 2019
    So i left my truck in front of the house on the street over Thanksgiving....a few days of not driving...went to start it and all the bells and whistles went off. Full limp mode.....Towed it to Marin County Ford.....Rats chewed my darn wiring HARNESS......total meltdown, $6k and 6 weeks later my truck is back together...they have to take the interior out and bunch of engine stuff....total nightmare.....

    The tech said it is becoming more and more common...even worse in Toyotas.....he said the best thing to do is to get those green rat cubes from Home Depot and zip ty them all over your engine compartment....take a look a few months later and there will be little naw marks....

    I guess they are using some type of Soy in the harness and the rodents like the taste!

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