Passenger side door does not always unlock/lock using the keyless setup

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    So, this might be a bit long but I'll try to condense the story as much as I can.

    About a year ago I started having issues with my '18 Raptor not unlocking or locking when pulling on the passenger side door. The "lock" button on the handle would also stop working too. This started happening whenever I didn't use my truck for a while. The driver's side door always worked fine. I took it to the dealership and of course it worked for them but at one point they were able to duplicate the problem but the odd thing is that they couldn't figure out why it was happening even with Ford corporate's help. They ended up replacing the door handle and the control module which required having to reprogram both my keys.

    I thought the problem was fixed but then it started doing the same thing again a few months down the road after not using the truck for a bit. I took it back to the dealership and Ford again had them replace the control module and reprogram the keys. I got it back a few weeks later but it has since then AGAIN started doing the same thing. It wouldn't work for a bit but after driving the truck for a couple days regularly, it'd start working again. It always seems to stop working if I don't use the truck for a couple days. Everyone is at a loss as to what is causing this so I'm wondering if this has affected anyone else too? If there's a fix for this issue?

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