Lomax Ultra Low Profile Bed Covers

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    These ultra low profile Lomax bed covers are one of the best tri-folding bed covers on the market today. Their low profie and durable panels make these very popular.

    Key Features:
    • One of if not the lowest profile hard folding bed cover on the market
    • Maximize your trucks exterior appearance with the sleek and ultra low profile triple-fold bed cover
    • OEM like fit and finishes gives your truck a factory look
    • Extruded aluminum panels ensure durability and watertight seal
    • Textured matte-black finish
    • Max load rating with an evenly distributed 400 lbs
    • Flexible rubber seals and vinyl-coated hinges ensure noise reduction and vibration
    • Features easy installation, operation and no drilling required
    • Backed by a 3-year limited warranty

    Your truck is tough, capable and built with quality. But many of us use our pickup bed for tools, equipment and toys. Ensure all of your items are protected from the elements and kept hidden from prying eyes. The Lomax bed cover not only provides a great look to your truck, but protects all of your cargo. Your investment in a high quality Lomax Tri-Fold bed cover from Access provides all of that and more.

    Built for ease of operation, simply pull on the integrated cord to release each folding panel. The cord disengages each panel's internal locking mechanism allowing the panel to simply fold back. The Lomax cover includes storage clips to secure the cover when fully opened. To close, release the clips and use the built-in handle to unfold the panels. The Lomax bed cover will automatically secure itself at ten points when closed, keeping your cargo safe and hidden.

    We've got the ready to ship out with most shipping out the same business day as they are ordered.

    Shoot us a PM or give us a call @ 888-466-8991. We always take care of forum members.





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