Got beat by a Ram 1500 :-(

Discussion in 'Engine Performance and Mods' started by In2b8er, Dec 5, 2019.

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    I was driving home last night and a black RAM 1500 pulls up next to me at a red light and it looks like he wants to race. Before I could switch my Raptor into sport mode the light turned green and he took off.. At the next light I put it in BAJA mode since we had some snow on the ground and thinking I have the advantage now we race again.. this time the guy gets nervous or something and takes off right before the light turns green. I take off after him and catch up to him but can't over take him...I've been trying to find out what type of Ram 1500 it was but can't figure it out. It had hood vents on the side of the hood and the fenders, not down the middle like the Rebel does.. I am in Michigan, so it might have been the new TRX? I really don't know. But I guess now it's time to upgrade the intake, exhaust and tune the Raptor...I don't want to be beat again.
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    TRX isnt out yet, possibly a hemi and a sc, 4 wheel auto in sport mode, plus his tires are not wide and he isnt as heavy as your truck. Get a tune and do above and you wont even see him in the review mirror
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