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    Aloha Everybody, First off I owned a 2012 f150 ecoboost prior to my 2019 Raptor. I installed the corsa db with resonator delete exhaust and I could hear the turbos all the time and even more so at cold starts when the choke kicked off. Absolutely loved the system. On my 2019 Raptor I just took off the Borla S type and installed the Corsa Sport muffler and x pipe resonator delete with stock tail pipes. I can not hear the turbos like I did on my 2012!! The only things I can think of why I can't hear the turbos spool is that its either the stock tail pipes, or the dual exhaust is dispersing more through two pipes instead of jamming exhaust through just one pipe like my 2012? I'm assuming even though the raptor has 450 hp versus 371 hp on my 2012 had its mostly the same motor set up?? Anybody else out on these great forums have or had the same situation? Whats weird as well is that I can watch youtube videos and the Raptors same as mine with same corsa set up sounds like my 2012 did with turbos whistle. Any ideas why??? Thanks

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