Auto Start/Stop Phenomenon!!!

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    Aug 20, 2019
    Anyone's truck have the super-power to start the engine with the Climate Control Power button?

    I've recently realized that when my engine auto stops while at a red light, if I push my Climte Control button off and push back on again ... poof! My engine turns on (just like it does when letting off the brake pedal).

    Is this a normal thing? Or is my truck special?
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    Feb 15, 2020
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    That's normal. Climate control changes can override Auto Start Stop while you're stopped and the engine has 'paused'.

    AUTO-START-STOP (Owners Manual: Unique Driving Characteristics: Auto-Start Stop Page 185)
    The system helps reduce fuel consumption by automatically stopping and restarting the engine when your vehicle has stopped.
    The engine restarts automatically when you release the brake pedal.
    In some situations, your vehicle may restart automatically, for example:
    • To maintain interior comfort.
    • To recharge the battery.

    Automatic Engine Restart
    Any of the following conditions will result in an automatic restart of the engine:
    • You have removed your foot from the brake pedal.
    • You press the accelerator pedal.
    • You press the accelerator and the brake pedal at the same time.
    • The driver safety belt becomes unfastened or the driver door is ajar.
    • Your vehicle is moving.
    • The interior compartment does not meet customer comfort when air conditioning or heat is on.
    • Fogging of the windows could occur and the air conditioning is on.
    • The battery is not within optimal operating conditions.
    • You have exceeded the maximum off time.
    • When you press the Auto-Start-Stop button with the engine automatically stopped.
    • The front defroster is turned to the Max setting.

    Any of the following conditions may result in an automatic restart of the engine:
    • You have increased the blower fan speed or changed the climate control temperature.
    • You have an electrical accessory turned on or plugged in.

    Note: You may notice that the climate seat fan fluctuates during an automatic restart.
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    Jan 2, 2020
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    I’m guessing when you turn off a/c compressor shuts down and when you turn it back on truck needs that extra juice (electricity-alternator-battery) this will turn truck back on. Also note when you have a/c on and auto start/stop is active your a/c speed stays on at a lower fan speed setting to preserve battery. I hope this helps.

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