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    Dec 20, 2017
    I need some help understanding the purpose of enabling the Auto Relock feature using ForSCAN for my 2018 Raptor.

    When I bought the truck, I was told that it would not automatically lock the doors when I get out of it and walk away (forgetting to lock up). I was hoping that enabling the Auto Relock feature in ForSCAN would activate such a function. After reprogramming it, however, it didn't do what I had hoped. I double-checked my programming entries and they are correct so I must be misunderstanding the Auto Relock function. If enabling this feature doesn't cause it to automatically lock the doors in the event that I forget, then what does enabling the Auto Relock feature do and when would it be useful?

    Below are the codes that I used:

    Auto Relock enable (2017-present)
    BCM 726-15-02 0101 0101 0149
    BCM 726-21-01 xxxx x1xx xxxx
    BCM 726-38-02 xxxx xxx* xxxx Auto Relock Time Duration: 1=30 seconds, 2=45 seconds

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