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  1. Carl Thomas
    Carl Thomas
    Have Diamondback HD truck cover 13" tool box for sale. Paid $2850 selling for $1850 9 Months old perfect condition. Boise Idaho
  2. Lug Nutz
    Lug Nutz
    New to the forum, probably take a little time before I can contribute..
  3. Pooj10
    New 2019 Raptor Owner
  4. Sam Bey
    Sam Bey
    On The Spot Mobile Car Detailing In Dallas Is The Number 1 Choice For Auto Detailing in Dallas.
  5. Blockaderunner
    Blockaderunner killingtommygun
    Check my posts on graphics its ideas for Chesty
  6. Jma21583
    Jma21583 killingtommygun
    another option is look up fjdesigns and ecobeast_raptor. He does custom stuff waaaaaaaaayyyyy cheaper. Tell them Jason sent ya and hell hook ya up.
    1. killingtommygun
      No shit? I think i follow ecobeast on instagram
      Oct 3, 2019
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  7. Raptor_x
  8. Mario Salenti
    Mario Salenti
    New to raptor world, iv always been a ford diesel guy... love these trucks
  9. Mark Marrufo
    Mark Marrufo
    Hello, Just purchased a 2019 Raptor. What upgrades do you all recommend? Thansk.
  10. Scudder
    Raptor ordered at msrp
  11. Blockaderunner
    Blockaderunner Jma21583
    I'll tag along with you and follow you if you don't mind. ;)
  12. Ruben Romero
    Ruben Romero AKA_G_Money
    How do you like having the camper shell? I have been considering getting one? Does it feel heavy? Has it affected your gas millage much?
  13. ShawnJ
    Living the Dream
  14. Jeff D
    Jeff D rabtech
    68k here on a 2017. I’ve had my transmission drop a couple of gears for no apparent reason in the past. Dealership always claims everything is ok. Your problem is another level of bad. Keep us posted on the trans resolution
  15. Thomas clark
    Thomas clark
    ford called me today to say they have to put a short bloc in my brand new truck with 3500 miles on it that I just got 10/31/18 smh