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  1. Scudder
    Raptor ordered at msrp
  2. Blockaderunner
    Blockaderunner Jma21583
    I'll tag along with you and follow you if you don't mind. ;)
  3. Ruben Romero
    Ruben Romero AKA_G_Money
    How do you like having the camper shell? I have been considering getting one? Does it feel heavy? Has it affected your gas millage much?
  4. ShawnJ
    Living the Dream
  5. Jeff D
    Jeff D rabtech
    68k here on a 2017. I’ve had my transmission drop a couple of gears for no apparent reason in the past. Dealership always claims everything is ok. Your problem is another level of bad. Keep us posted on the trans resolution
  6. george_offroad
  7. Thomas clark
    Thomas clark
    ford called me today to say they have to put a short bloc in my brand new truck with 3500 miles on it that I just got 10/31/18 smh
  8. Corey C Lee
    Corey C Lee
    What you think
  9. Thomas clark
  10. Russ
    I almost feel guilty letting her go. Almost.
  11. RipReturns
    Rut-Roh...Tranny makes clicking/grinding noise after unceremonious dump in deep puddle
  12. Shark
    Shark Shaggy
    Can you do something about the spammer?
    1. Shaggy
      All cleaned up. There was an issue where I couldn't login to my admin panel and needed some help with doing that. Its all good now and they are all cleaned up and gone!
      Sep 12, 2018
  13. JeffL
    Wheels have been sold
  14. Raptorct
    Raptorct Jeff D
    Did you level the front on your raptor?
    1. Jeff D
      Jeff D
      Aug 16, 2018
  15. chaserohrer