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    Jan 3, 2017
    A few months ago I had intermittent Tire Sensor stop talking. It would lose contact and the dash would alert. If The truck would shut down and restart it would normally return. Took it to a large dealership in Dallas, which turned out to be a nightmare, and they changed out the sensor with the only other sensor they had in house. Said that it still didn't work. The experience of the tech and service advisor was questionable. Ultimately they said resetting the computer to factory was what got it working again.

    Fast forward to today, went for a 90 minute drive, about 60 minutes into, same replaced tire pressure fault. New location due to a rotation several months ago after the initial repair/replacement. Stopped at the destination, hit the road to return, fault was gone and pressure was reading normal. About 60 minutes into the ride the fault returned for the remainder.

    Speed was nothing crazy, 40-65mph. Outside temp was 78f. Not looking forward to going to the dealership if the fault keeps playing hide and seek again.

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