Switch Pros SP-9100 Gen2 Overhead Console Mount

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    Swarfworks Switch Pros SP-9100 Gen2 Overhead Console Mount


    2017-2018 Ford Raptor

    2017-2018 Ford F250/F350

    2015-2018 Ford F150

    Swarfworks has done it again! Another custom mount made specifically for newer Ford trucks. If you've run out of auxiliary switches with all of those lights, horns, air compressors and winches, here is the solution. This custom mount replaces the OEM sunglass holder in the overhead console.

    These made in the USA custom overhead console mounts are produced on a high quality 3D printer from durable plastic. The Switch Pros SP-9100 screws into the the 3D printed mount and the mount snaps right into the OEM overhead console.

    Please note, the red mount detailed in the pictures is only for illustration purposes. All mounts are produced in a black finish designed to match the OEM interior panels.

    *Switch Pro SP-9100 Kit is not included but may be added as an optional accessory

    Order Link ----->>>> FORDRAPTORLIGHTS





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