Decked Bed Storage system

Discussion in 'Exterior' started by Redtime21, Apr 2, 2017.

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    Jan 3, 2017
    Just spent the day installing my new Decked storage system. I am not a fan of toppers and normally have a tool box. However with the Raptor being a short box, did not like the idea of making my bed length that much shorter with a tool box. Thought I would try the Decked storage system.

    Took me about 3 hours to install. The new Ford trucks use a bracket on the cab-side that are hard to line up the bolt holes. Used all hand tools as the instructions suggested so that gets old with all the screws and bolts.

    Should work well. Very shallow bed so we will see how that works. They say you can remove and install as often as you like, but as hard as the install was, I do not think I will be taking it off any time soon.

    Great customer service, they reached out to me when my kit did not ship as soon as they liked and rewarded my patience. If you are active duty or a Veteran, reach out to them on Facebook or email and they will hook you up with a discount. Cheers! 0402171758.jpg 0402171758.jpg 0402171759_HDR.jpg 0402171800.jpg 0402171800a.jpg 0402171801.jpg 0402171801a.jpg
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    pretty sweet!

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