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  1. Shark
    Shark Shaggy
    Can you do something about the spammer?
    1. Shaggy
      All cleaned up. There was an issue where I couldn't login to my admin panel and needed some help with doing that. Its all good now and they are all cleaned up and gone!
      Sep 12, 2018
  2. JeffL
    Wheels have been sold
  3. Raptorct
    Raptorct Jeff D
    Did you level the front on your raptor?
    1. Jeff D
      Jeff D
      Aug 16, 2018
  4. chaserohrer
  5. LewB
    LewB bMw defector
    Hey BD, have you found a source here in the DFW area yet to make those mods?
  6. Thipps
    2018 leadfoot on order
  7. EagleUSN
    2017 Shadow Black SCREW, 802A, tech pkg, spray-in liner with bedrug, Bakflip CS-F1 tonneau w/removable rack
  8. VasilB
    Hey guys, happy to be part of this group, just picked up 2017 Raptor with 12K from a local Cadillac DLR
  9. Mustang_Dave302
    2018 lighting blue Raptor
  10. AssaultRaptor
    How do I stop my 35s from rubbing?
  11. B Werstak
    B Werstak
    Hi All - Does anyone know if the feature that lowers the AC fan when on a call can be disabled? Thanks in advance.
  12. wingfieldc3
    Just ordered my 2018 SCREW Oxford White! Now the wait begins!!!!.....
  13. jeffdurf
    18 Lead Foot SCAB ordered. Delivery mid-April
  14. Jeff D
    Jeff D
    Wheel 20x9 Rotiform Tire Nitto Trail Grappler 35/12.50/20
  15. Kellysraptor
    Kellysraptor Jeff D
    Jeff what size wheels and tires are you running? Fills up the fender wells nicely.