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  1. wingfieldc3
    Just ordered my 2018 SCREW Oxford White! Now the wait begins!!!!.....
  2. jeffdurf
    18 Lead Foot SCAB ordered. Delivery mid-April
  3. RAM
    Anyone have a cold air intake recommendation? Dry or wet? What brand and where to order?
  4. Jeff D
    Jeff D
    Wheel 20x9 Rotiform Tire Nitto Trail Grappler 35/12.50/20
  5. Kellysraptor
    Kellysraptor Jeff D
    Jeff what size wheels and tires are you running? Fills up the fender wells nicely.
  6. BullydogRaptor
    2017 Lightning Blue, BullyDog Tuner, Borla ATAK Exhaust
  7. MtopRaptor
  8. Dwiyrick
    Borla ATAK midsection and muffler for sale $700. Still mounted on 2018 and was putchased in October. New exhaust coming in three weeks.
  9. George Crenshaw
    George Crenshaw
    george crenshaw 469-563-7225
  10. George Crenshaw
    George Crenshaw
    Race Red,Ruby Red,Magnetic 2018 Raptors at msrp!!!! all the raptors are 802a,raptor technology pkg,twin panel moonroof.
  11. Brian Fox
    Brian Fox Rapere1
    Did Dallas guys get the forscan stuff done? Any chance you could help me out?
  12. Desmobullet69
    “Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things.”
  13. Jaws285
    Jaws285 Toadster
    Hey Toadster,
    Not sure how to PM. I’m still in for one.
    So glad they went with the programmer.
  14. Cobra1
    Cobra1 Toadster
    Craig Tucker

    [email protected] If there are any people that don't meet their obligations I'll take one.
  15. Charley Force
    Charley Force
    I have a metallic noise in the cab maybe it’s the turbo not sure very annoying